• Photograph by Pedro Szekely

    The Music, The Magic, The Men: Exploring Cartagena, Colombia

  • One True Sentence

    Literary Traveler: One True Sentence

  • Literary Traveler TV Pilot: In Search of The Great Gatsby

    Literary Traveler TV Pilot: In Search of The Great Gatsby

  • Interview with B.A. Shapiro

  • Interview with Dennis Lehane

  • A Golden Opportunity in San Francisco

  • Travel Writers in Afghanistan

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The Magic, the Music and the Men: Cartagena Delivers for Solo Female Travelers

To learn more about traveling to Colombia with Literary Traveler and Classical Pursuits, check out the upcoming tour here.  By […]

Creating Beauty from Devastation in Galveston, Texas

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, The Citizen-Soldier

Emirates Airline Festival: A Literary Oasis Amid the Dazzle of Dubai

The 2014 Literary Fauxscars: The Results are In!

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COLOMBIA: A Paradise Where Reality and Magic Blur

Destination:  Colombia Dates: February 28–March 11, 2015 (11 nights) For more information on this trip please contact Literary Traveler. 1-855-LIT-TRVL Readings: Chronicle […]

Po’boys and Naughty Girls in N’awlins – The Land of Dreamy Dreams that Defies “Objective” Reality

ALONG THE MIGHTY MEKONG: Cambodia and Vietnam



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What’s Your One True Sentence? We want to know what has inspired you.

What’s Your One True Sentence? We want to know what has inspired you.

“All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.” – Ernest Hemingway We have just launched something spe[...]
Thoughts from the First Day of Toronto Pursuits 2014

Thoughts from the First Day of Toronto Pursuits 2014

Guest Post by Ann Kirkland of Classical Pursuits The first full day of Toronto Pursuits was a great success. It was great to see and meet some of the [...]

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By Jessica Monk and Amanda Festa

“Be Your Own Story”: 8 Life Lessons from Literary Commencement Speeches

Brevity isn’t exactly the soul of most graduation ceremonies, and if a commencement speaker can hold you in your seat […]

White Teeth

“The wicked lie, that the past is always tense”: The Genius of Zadie Smith

By Kelsey A. Liebenson-Morse …the wicked lie, that the past is always tense and the future, perfect. – Zadie Smith, White Teeth […]


Stop Requested

Choose Your Own Adventure: Bus Trips to Spark Your Wanderlust

By Amanda Festa The idea of the road trip is magic. It is a different kind of travel, about the […]

women's travel press passes

Travel for Women, Minus the Baggage: 8 Things We Learned at the Women’s Travel Fest

By Jessica Monk “I think that as women we’ve got the same messages since little girls. If you think of […]



IPEVO SuperCharger: The Multi-Tasking Traveler’s New Best Friend

By Antoinette Weil We at Literary Traveler worship books, and as such I don’t think any of us would admit […]


Literary Traveler Holiday Gift Guide 2013

The closer we get to Thanksgiving (and Black Friday), the more our inboxes are inundated with guides to the newest, […]


The Library Hotel, NYC

The Library Hotel: Literary Luxury in New York City

By Amanda Festa Hotels belong to no one and everyone. They are temporary resting places, providing transient comfort when we […]


La Belle Helene: A Rare Discovery at Greece’s Mycenae

By Albert Englehardt “See, here is the German archaeologist Wilhelm Dörpfeld’s signature, and here is Agatha Christie’s, and over there is […]