• trees in a southern swamp

    Barry Hannah's Late Love Song to Mississippi: "Get Some Young"

  • Discovering Morrissey's Manchester

    Discovering Morrissey's Manchester

  • The 2015 Literary Fauxscars

    The 2015 Literary Fauxscars

  • In Defense of 50 Shades of Grey

    In Defense of Fifty Shades of Grey

  • From Page to Picture: The Dilemmas of Adaptation

    From Page to Picture: The Dilemmas of Adaptation

  • "A Fitting Costume to Our Last Act:” Mary Shelley's Alpine Redemption

    Mary Shelley's Alpine Redemption

  • Traveling With Empathy:  Cambodia

    Traveling With Empathy: Cambodia


    Wordsworth, Coleridge, and the Great Scottish Road Trip

  • One True Sentence

    Literary Traveler: One True Sentence

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Sunset Photograph by Elizabeth Lous

The Most Complete Derangement: William S. Burroughs and Ayahuasca

Words By Jana DeBusk, artwork by Elizabeth Lous. “This is the most powerful drug I have ever experienced. Yage is not […]

Barry Hannah’s Late Love Song to Mississippi: “Get Some Young”

Discovering Morrissey’s Manchester

50 Shades of Belle du Jour: Sex, Writing, and Making Movies

From Page to Picture: The Dilemmas of Adaptation

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Dubai: BRIDGING THE GULF BETWEEN US: Dubai Finding Its Own Cultural Voice

Destination: Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with recommended extension to Oman Dates: March 7–13, 2016, with extension March 13–20 (6 nights […]

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PORTUGAL: Poised Between Proud Tradition and Global Modernity

LITERARY ICELAND: From Ancient Epic to Modern Novel

THE PITY OF WAR: English Poets of WWI

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Join us at Literary Traveler

Join us at Literary Traveler

Currently we are looking for some great new interns after a bit of summer hiatus. We have always built our staff from a strong internship program. The[...]
What’s Your One True Sentence? We want to know what has inspired you.

What’s Your One True Sentence? We want to know what has inspired you.

“All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.” – Ernest Hemingway We have just launched something spe[...]

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Room 101, for Teenage Girls: A conversation with Only Ever Yours Author Louise O’ Neill

by Jessica Monk an image flared in my mind’s eye. It was of a girl, she was 16, standing in […]

Jurassic World

Jurassic World: Why the Least Believable Character is not Indominus Rex

By Amanda Festa Jurassic World is a fantastically fun movie and anyone who wants to escape life and the heat […]



Literary Destination: Embracing Magic in J.K. Rowling’s Edinburgh

by Stéphanie de Geus Did you know the graves of Tom Riddle and McGonagall really existed? You can find them at Greyfriar’s […]


Hay Festival Brings Excitement and Surprises to Kells in County Meath

Words By Geri Schear The international Hay Festival will be returning to Kells, in County Meath for a third year this […]



We Recommend This App: Eat Smart Abroad

Travel is increasingly a competition of access: who know what the locals know? Who knows the secrets of where to […]


We Recommend This Case: Amzer Crusta

Are you an accident-prone traveler? Messy? Or maybe just adventurous? If you need to keep the sand of the Sahara […]


Cranwell Resort and Spa

Cranwell Resort and Spa: a History of Inspiration

by Francis McGovern one of my favorite memories from my stay was simply sitting outside and taking in views of […]


An Escape in Portland for Any Season

by Francis and Linda McGovern Sometimes the volume in our minds could use some turning down, a way to de-clutter […]