• Literary Traveler TV Pilot: In Search of The Great Gatsby

    Literary Traveler TV Pilot: In Search of The Great Gatsby

  • Interview with B.A. Shapiro

  • Interview with Dennis Lehane

  • A Golden Opportunity in San Francisco

  • Travel Writers in Afghanistan

  • Mount Auburn Cemetery

  • The Hemingway Tradition in Key West

  • The Queen Mary 2 with Bill Bryson


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Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

Emirates Airline Festival: A Literary Oasis Amid the Dazzle of Dubai

By Ann Kirkland It has been a long and brutal winter in Toronto. So, when I was invited to the […]

The 2014 Literary Fauxscars: The Results are In!

The Clever One That Got Away: The Story of Jane Austen’s Niece, Marianne

Jane Austen’s Nieces in Ireland: A Tale of Two Sisters

The 2014 Literary Fauxscars: And the Nominees are…

Latest Tours

New Orleans

Po’boys and Naughty Girls in N’awlins – The Land of Dreamy Dreams that Defies “Objective” Reality

Destination:  New Orleans, Louisiana Dates: October 7 – 14, 2014 (7 nights) For more information on this trip please contact Literary Traveler. […]

Literary Iceland – Isle of Awe

Russia’s Golden Age – 19th Century Art, Literature, and Music in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Iceland Writers Retreat — Escape. Learn. Explore. Create.

Italian Exile: Dante’s Inferno and Early Renaissance Justice

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The Bling Ring and The American Dream

The Bling Ring and The American Dream

It’s amazing how close The Bling Ring is to its source material. The article, originally published in Vanity Fair and entitled “The Suspec[...]
Literary Traveler’s Food Issue – December 2013

Literary Traveler’s Food Issue – December 2013

The holidays are behind us, and most of us are finally recuperated from the binge-eating extravaganza that can often be a more exhaustive sporting eve[...]

Latest Book Reviews

White Teeth

“The wicked lie, that the past is always tense”: The Genius of Zadie Smith

By Kelsey A. Liebenson-Morse …the wicked lie, that the past is always tense and the future, perfect. - Zadie Smith, White Teeth […]


The Adaption Comes Full Circle: The True Story of Philomena’s Lost Child

By Jessica Monk Ultimately the tragedy of the movie and its redemption turn out to be one and the same: […]


women's travel press passes

Travel for Women, Minus the Baggage: 8 Things We Learned at the Women’s Travel Fest

By Jessica Monk “I think that as women we’ve got the same messages since little girls. If you think of […]

Travel Fest

“Put the Map Away” and Other Travel Tips from Samantha Brown

By Amanda Festa Literary Traveler recently attended the first Women’s Travel Fest in New York — one day, countless inspiring and […]



IPEVO SuperCharger: The Multi-Tasking Traveler’s New Best Friend

By Antoinette Weil We at Literary Traveler worship books, and as such I don’t think any of us would admit […]


Literary Traveler Holiday Gift Guide 2013

The closer we get to Thanksgiving (and Black Friday), the more our inboxes are inundated with guides to the newest, […]


DSC_0260 (2)

The Legendary Hotel Elysée, Last Home of Tennessee Williams

by Jessica Monk Despite witnessing the color and culture shock of the twentieth century, the atmosphere at the Hotel Elysée […]

Beat Hotel, Paris

The Beat Hotel: American Writers in Paris, 1957-1963

By Matthew Nilsson Standing on the shores of Paris’ Left Bank, tucked away on Rue Gît-le-Cœur, I check my map, […]