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Rest Thomas Wolfe – Thomas Wolfe’s Grave

Thomas Wolfe was stricken with an influenza while traveling in the Pacific Northwest. Wolfe told his doctors he believed that he became sick while on a July 4th cruise to Vancouver on the Canadian Pacific steamship, Princess Kathleen. On the ship, he shared a drink of whisky with a shivering man, whom he would later call “a poor shivering wretch.” The next day he became very sick and decided to make his way back to Seattle.

Thomas Wolfe’s Dixieland, Thomas Wolfe’s Old Kentucky Home

by Francis McGovern The Old Kentucky Home, known as “Dixieland” in the novel Look Homeward Angel by Thomas Wolfe, is […]

Footprints in Cloutierville

by Linda McGovern If you didn’t know Kate Chopin had lived there for a time, you might never have heard […]

Sunset Grand Isle, LA, A visit to the setting of The Awakening

by Linda McGovern Grand Isle, a three hour drive south of New Orleans, is on the outermost shore of Louisiana. […]

A Good Writer Is Hard To Find: The Search For Flannery O’Connor

by Linda McGovern To try and get more from a writer than what you see on the page, depends on […]

John Millinton Synge and the Aran Isles

by Gary Lehmann John Millington Synge, later author of The Playboy of the Western World, started out writing competent but prosaic […]

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, The Short Period of My Life’s Happiness at Charmettes

by Dan Kane and Shawn Clankie The Savoie denotes both a region and province in southeastern France, comprising roughly that […]

Ovid in Exile

by James A. Clapp That the avid traveler is often an avid reader (and/or moviegoer) is frequently noted. It is an […]

A Week in Provence, Reflections upon Peter Mayles’ A Year in Provence

by David Sclar Anyone who has read Peter Mayle’s A Year in Provence will appreciate the anticipation that consumed me […]

Lorca’s Deep Song

by Annette Aryanpour More than sixty years ago one of the greatest poets of this century died. He was also […]