Archives for June 2005

The Strange Case Of The Jack Kerouac Estate

Jack Kerouac is known in the popular imagination as the harbinger of the Beat movement – a free-wheeling spirit who […]

Marguerite Duras In Sa Dec

by Pamela Payne French writer Marguerite Duras spent some of her childhood in Sa Dec, a sprawling busy town in […]

The Harlem Renaissance, Washington DC And the Rise of Langston Hughes

by Joe Kovacs It’s something of an oddity to mention writers and Washington DC, in the same sentence; one traditionally […]

Walt Whitman And The Civil War

by Claire Wang Walt Whitman was born in Huntington, Long Island on May 31, 1819, the second of nine children […]

The House That Jack Built – The Beauty Ranch

by Mark Richardson I am … only just now beginning my first feeble attempts at building a house for myself. […]

A Brief Respite: Nikos Kazantzakis on Mt.Athos

by James Miller As the thick reinforced door shuts behind me, closing out the secular world, I listen to the […]

The Accidental British Servant: Leonard Woolf in Ceylon

by Joe Kovacs When I joined the Peace Corps and went to Sri Lanka in 1997, I took a leave […]