Archives for July 2005

Pablo Neruda’s Isla Negra

by Monique Filsnol “A Single Drop Lucid and Heavy.” A French admirer of Pablo Neruda visits his Isla Negra in […]

Nella Larsen – Discovering Parallels to Nella Larsen

by Sushama Austin Nella Larsen was a Harlem Renaissance novelist, a triumph in a day and age that neither supported […]

Places Where Hemingway Fished in Michigan

by William Burr One of the first streams Hemingway fished was School Creek, not far from Walloon Lake. As his […]

Mark Twain in Unionville, Nevada

by Peggy Jones In the middle of a driving snowstorm in the winter of 1861, a ragtag bunch of prospectors […]

The Maltese Falcon

by Mark Richardson I should start by saying that I am not predisposed to pulling off heists in broad daylight […]

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Struggle and Romance with Salem

by Nancy Brewka Clark Nathaniel Hawthorne called himself a writer of romances or allegorical tales of times long past with […]

Norman Rockwell’s Cover Story

by Joe Curreri Norman Rockwell produced 4,000 works during his lifetime, yet his popularity is based on the covers he […]

Michelangelo, The Flower of Florence

by David Sclar The city of Florence, Italy, is the unmistakable home of the great painter, architect, and sculptor, Michelangelo […]