Archives for May 2006

Tennyson County, A Visit with Alfred Lord Tennyson

by Mary Cook Historic Lincolnshire, popularly known as “Tennyson County”, is a beguiling mixture of rolling hills (The Wolds) and […]

Alexandre Dumas and Monte-Cristo

By Patti Lecron “Ah! Monte-Cristo is one of the most delicious follies ever made. It is the most royal bonbonniere […]

Times of Toil, Tales of Terror: Poe’s Philadelphia

by Scott Mastro Trekking Spring Garden Street north of Philadelphia’s Historical District, one arrives at 530-532 Seventh Street, the only standing […]

Malabar Farm State Park: Louis Bromfield Comes Home Again

By Roy A. Barnes As a writer myself, I found it a refreshing experience to take some time to visit […]

George Sand: Her Majorcan Winter of Discontent

Never before-and possibly never since-has a Mediterranean island inspired as much enmity as did the Spanish isle of Majorca for […]