Archives for November 2007

The Tumultuous Relationship Between Dante and the City of Florence

by Rachel McGinnis Dante Alighieri, perhaps one of the greatest poets of the medieval period, was born in 1265 into […]

Rome’s Ultimate Guidebook: I, Claudius

by Jennifer Eisenlau Here is a novel idea for a visit to Rome: replace the guidebook with literary fiction.  I, Claudius will […]

Thomas Mann’s Munich: A Lone Trip to Germany

by Sosig Mardirosian All night it had snowed, and by morning the rooftops were white and the cobbles along the […]

Heavyweights: When F. Scott Fitzgerald Met Gene Tunney

by Lisa Kerr A.J. Liebling, the writer who first called boxing “the sweet science,” once said, “A boxer, like a […]

The Fortress of His Mind: Charles d’Orleans’ Capitivity in The Tower of London

by Erin Byrne I felt claustrophobic inside the square room deep inside the thick stone cavern of the White Tower. […]