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Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy Stimulus for Social Change in Sweden

It was a crisp winter night and standing by one of the many bridges that bring Sweden’s capital together, my brother and I clunked our cans of Stockholm’s finest lager, mixed with a flurry of white flakes, to celebrate the new year.

Chevrolets, Cigars & Men in Graham Greene’s Cuba

By Lisa Selvidge I arrive in Havana, Cuba, at the end of 2010 together with a guide book and several […]

Van Gogh & The Dead in Arles, France

It’s late October, but the sun beats down on my bare head with the ferocity of an August heat wave. I stand at the entrance of Les Alyscamps, Elisii Campi, the Elysian Fields. It is the final resting place of Roman dead in Arles in the South of France. A cloying floral scent weighs heavily in my throat, the scent of thousands of funerals over thousands of years. Tall straight trees line the walkway like sentinels. Or prison bars. I’m alone at the gates to the great necropolis and I’m in the open air, but still I feel suffocated.