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The Clever One That Got Away: The Story of Jane Austen’s Niece, Marianne

by Jessica Monk if I were as young as you are I would write my thanks & congrats on a […]

Literary Iceland – Isle of Awe

Destination:  Iceland – Reykjavik (and other towns) Dates: August 30 – September 8, 2014 (9 nights) For more information on […]

Methods of Adaptation: Is Bigger Always Better?

By Wesley Sharer When it comes to adapting much-loved stories for the big screen, whether the source is a popular […]

Love on the Road: An Anthology of Love and (Wander)Lust

By Amanda Festa “My message will make sense to those who are willing to listen…who appreciate contradiction, nuance, and who […]

Jane Austen’s Nieces in Ireland: A Tale of Two Sisters

By Jessica Monk We cannot but be most thankful that such a shocking thing was averted, and that the only […]

Frozen: A Heartwarming Reimagining of “The Snow Queen”

By Alyssa Smith It is safe to say, Disney’s Frozen is a worldwide hit. After all, it is a newly minted Golden Globe […]