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A Brief History Of Edward Gorey’s Creepy Cape Cod

by David Silon Cape Cod has a history going back four hundred years, that is, if you’re not counting the […]

At Shelley’s Grave: The Ineffable Calico Cat at il Cimitero Straniero

Bram Stoker’s Dracula in Whitby

Witches, Gables and ‘Haunted Happenings’: A Visit to Salem

Literary Halloween – Part I: 5 Costumes with Character

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Magic Mountains: Literature, Culture and Coffee in Colombia

 Colombia is one of the most spectacular and colorful countries in South America. It is the only country on the […]

Mystery and Manners in Savannah

Vincent van Gogh’s Quest: In the Footsteps of the Artist

Russia’s Golden Age: 19th-Century Art, Literature, and Music

Basque in the Glory: Walking the Camino del Norte

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My Personal Legend – Francis McGovern

My Personal Legend – Francis McGovern

Up next in the My Personal Legend series comes from Literary Traveler Founder, Francis McGovern. Francis talks about his need to inspire others throug[...]
Jessica A Beck: My Personal Legend

Jessica A Beck: My Personal Legend

Up next in the My Personal Legend series is Jessica A. Beck from New Hampshire via Boston. Jessica speaks eloquently about her experience as a very yo[...]

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Boston’s Book Eden

by Virginia Pye Everyone knows that Boston is a book-loving city, but since moving back to the area after more […]

A Visit to An Unlikely Story

by Wesley McGovern My name is Wesley McGovern and I am 10 years old. I have been wanting to visit […]


Daydreaming in Kyle Canyon, Mt. Charleston

by Philip Lewis My day started coming to life when I took a step outside that June day, walking barefoot […]


Cut Loose from Purpose in Tahoe National Forest

by Sherri Harvey In a moment of stupidity, I coerced my friends into taking the halters off the three horses […]


The Snap Basket Luxe: Great New Tote for Books!

We found about this great new Tote bag, from CleverMade. The Snapbasket LUXE collection  combines style while being sustainable and […]

2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Literary Traveler in Your Life

By Melissa Sagendorph,  We hope that you all have an amazing holiday season. Oh but you would like a gift […]


The Mysteries of the Chalfonte Hotel

by Brett Busang For lovers of gingerbread, the Chalfonte Hotel is Shangri-La and Sunset Boulevard.  It is a Studebaker that’s […]

The Beat Hotel: American Writers in Paris, 1957-1963

By Matthew Nilsson Standing on the shores of Paris’ Left Bank, tucked away on Rue Gît-le-Cœur, I check my map, […]