The Spell of the Yukon: Jack London and the Klondike Gold Rush

by Ken Haigh When the steamer, “Portland”, docked in Seattle on July 17, 1897, people were just sitting down to […]

Jack London’s Korea

by James Card In the ways that some writers are remembered for their writings and ramblings in certain corners of […]

The House That Jack Built – The Beauty Ranch

by Mark Richardson I am … only just now beginning my first feeble attempts at building a house for myself. […]

Jack London: The American Karl Marx

Called the “Boy Socialist: and the “American Karl Marx,” Jack London succeeded so well as a writer under the capitalistic system that he could afford to build a “palace for his pigs,” to popularize the sport of surfing, and to show off his bridge of artificial teeth to huge crowds. In addition to being one of the highest paid writers of his time, Jack London also ran for Mayor of Oakland twice and was pushed to run for the presidency — all on the Socialist ticket.