Ernest Hemingway and Piggott, Arkansas

Piggott, Arkansas, is a town of just under 4000 residents. Piggott is an attractive town, with lovely homes, and beautiful scenery, but it is an out-of-the-way town, and one doesn’t just stop at Piggott while on the way someplace else. It’s not off any major interstate, and Piggott doesn’t even have a Wal-Mart store.

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings: Cross Creek

Cross Creek belongs to the wind and the rain, to the sun and the seasons, to the cosmic secrecy of […]

Fitzgerald, Hemingway And The Sun Also Rises

“Dear Charley – You wanted to know the decision on Hemingway: We took it, – with misgiving. There was of course a great [question]. I simply thought in the end that the balance was slightly in favor of acceptance, for all the worry [and] general misery involved.”

Hemingway in Key West

In the mid-19th century in Key West, the cigar industry transformed the island into the thirteenth largest port in the country. To get an education and to relax while they worked, the cigarmakers hired lectores, or readers, to keep them up on the news and the classics. These lectores read in both English and Spanish.

The Sun Also Sets: A Visit to Hemingway’s Grave and Memorial

It’s quiet here at Hemingway’s Grave. Sun Valley is filled with late afternoon light and there is a chill in the air. A new red truck drives into the cemetery, parks, and three large men climb out. They come over and ask where Hemingway’s grave is. I point to the long stone slab I’m standing next to. It is inscribed: Ernest Miller Hemingway, July 21, 1899- July 2, 1961. Mary lies next to him.

Hemingway at Shakespeare & Company

For Ernest Hemingway, the walk from his Latin Quarter flat to Gertrude Stein’s pavillon at 27, rue des Fleurs, would […]

The Lessons of Youth: Ernest Hemingway as a Young Man

by Francis McGovern The year 1999 was the Centennial of the birth of Ernest Miller Hemingway, a writer who was […]