TAKING YOUR SOUL FOR A STROLL: 160 Kilometers on the Camino de Santiago

Destination:  Madrid to Leon to Santiago de Compostela, Spain Dates: June 13–25, 2015 (12 nights) For more information on this […]

Taking Your Soul for a Stroll

A hundred miles on the Camino de Santiago   Destination Spain – from Leon to Santiago de Compostela Dates October […]

A Farewell to Average Travel: Would you stay at a Hemingway Hotel?

by Amanda Festa There is no shortage of unique options when it comes to choosing travel accommodations.  There are hotels […]

Following the Ink: Prosa y Poesia en Castilla y Leon

by Andrea Calabretta Each region of Spain boasts some literary significance, but Castilla y Leon–home to El Cid, Miguel Cervantes, […]

Fitzgerald, Hemingway And The Sun Also Rises

“Dear Charley – You wanted to know the decision on Hemingway: We took it, – with misgiving. There was of course a great [question]. I simply thought in the end that the balance was slightly in favor of acceptance, for all the worry [and] general misery involved.”