Bruce Chatwin and Dr Ho

By Jonathan Chatwin

The road ran unrelenting in front of me, straighter than it had any right to be in such mountainous country.

One’s Self and the Other: NYC and The History of Love

I was standing alone in the Buhre Avenue station, waiting for the number six train to arrive and bring me downtown, where I would attend a going-away party for friends who would not be coming back, mourning a loss that had not yet occurred.

Hiram Bingham and the Children of the Sun

Hiram Bingham, an American explorer, discovered the ancient Inca city Machu Picchu at the turn of the 20th Century. ‘, ‘Now almost delirious with altitude sickness, I found myself literally standing on top of the world.

The Literary and Luxurious Queen Mary 2

Bill Bryson, Joanne Harris. Would you ever expect to meet two world famous writers on a cruise of all places? I had the pleasure of meeting, interviewing and listening to lectures by both of them. I had the ultimate literary (and luxurious) experience aboard the Queen Mary 2 on an October transatlantic voyage.

Robert Louis Stevenson and Western Samoa

Western Samoa claims the largest proportion of full-blooded Polynesians in the world. At last count there were 162,000 of them, a collection of robust, often tattooed, sometimes obese, lava lava clad folks who live on the two main islands of Savai’i, and Upolu.