Hemingway’s Cuba: The Old Man and the Sea

by Brian Francis Donohue As the sun rises over the defunct fishing processing plant on the hill overlooking the bay, […]

Cuba: Its Culture and Its People

Destination: Cuba Description: Travel to Cuba with National Trust and take part in an immersive People-to-People experience. During our specially designed […]

Coffee, Cigarettes, and Revolution: Cuba on the Verge of Change

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Dennis Lehane’s Live by Night: Island of Misfits

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Hotel Ambos Mundos: Traveling to Cuba the ‘Heming-way’

By Amanda Festa  Since January of 2011, when restrictions on traveling to Cuba were loosened, eager travelers have been flocking […]

Chevrolets, Cigars & Men in Graham Greene’s Cuba

By Lisa Selvidge I arrive in Havana, Cuba, at the end of 2010 together with a guide book and several […]