Eating Europe Food Tours – Rome

While the rest of the world may talk about “Italian food”, the Romans talk only of “Roman food”. Each of Italy’s regions is home to its very own cuisine, and the Eternal City is no exception. On our food tours, you’ll taste local specialties like Cacio e Pepe and Buccatini all’Amatriciana – not to mention our famous Carbonara! Let us take you to the places that locals cherish for an off-the-beaten-path foodie experience of daily life in Rome that you won’t soon forget. Learn more at or call at 215 688 5571.

Eating Europe offers #1 rated Food Tours and Cooking Classes in Rome, Florence, London, Amsterdam and Prague. As fellow foodies and travelers, we believe there is no better way to experience a city than through its food. All of our tours not only feed you the best each city has to offer, but also immerse you in the local culture, authentic street life and special history. You’ll feel at one with the locals, meet the vendors and come away with a real sense of what each city is really about. Take a break from being a tourist with us.